Keno is a game of chance, similar to a majority of lottery games. The player selects numbers and hope that that a maximum possible match the number randomly drawn by machine or a hopper. Two formats exist for keno playing: live format and video format. In case of the former, players use paper and crayon to indicate picks. Numbers are drawn at a few intervals by a hopper. When it comes to video keno, the players simply have to touch the screen to pick the numbers. The machine draws in a random manner.

Rules of keno


  • A wager is made by the player who indicates the preferred numbers to pick. These picks are done on paper slips in live keno. In case of video keno, the numbers are selected by touching screen. The player can select any number between 1 and 80.
  • The game determines the quantity of picks made by the player. The range is usually between 2 to 10. It can also be from 1 to 15.
  • The game selects 20 balls out of 80 total balls in a random manner
  • In case the number chosen by the player and the game match, the event is termed a “catch”. The number of balls caught by a player determines the pay off.

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Important information

If you have to plxay keno, there is a need to choose where to play. I’d recommend You also must select the numbers. It does not matter what the numbers are. Every number ball has a chance of 1 in 80 of being drawn during every game. It should be kept in mind that analysing the keno game is not a correct strategy. The odds in this game are equal to slot machines.

In Australia, gambling is a widespread activity but there is active government involvement to regulate the flow of events in the area of gambling.Traditionally, Australian government plays an active role in every kind of gambling, be it casino gambling or lotteries. The government and the states depend strongly on the revenue that they draw from gambling.

Australian_gamblingAdditionally, the speedy adoption of fresh communication technologies by the industry of gambling has grabbed attention of the Commonwealth, since; this factor comes within the responsibilities of the constitution.

Emergence and prosperity of online shopping has specific implications for different regulations, community welfare and collection of revenue. This is one of the reasons why the Federal Parliament had to prohibit the Australian gambling sites from entertaining Australian players through strict legislation.

Since, quite a long time, the Commonwealth, State and Territory government has taken steps to curtail the expansion of Australian online gambling. The government is specifically strict about controlling minors from having access to the online casinos. The government also emphasises on the importance of the state and territorial rules in terms of online gambling.

The different strata of the government work together to implement a strict and uniform regulation for containing the online gambling sector. A big question that bothers many Australian players is whether, gambling is legal in Australia or not. The legality of gambling online in Australia depends completely on whether the online casino is licensed or not.

In fact, the legislations are primarily designed and created for the gambling operators in Australia and not really the players. These regulations aspire to regulate and control what the players should play and they shouldn’t be offered. Further, with the government’s decision to interfere and help the gamblers facing problems due to their habits, the regulations are bound to get stringent on the gambling operators.

Further, the IGA states that the online casinos in Australia cannot offer real money to the citizens of Australia. This is also known as interactive gambling online. The sites are also barred from advertising about playing with real money to the citizens of Australia.

The casino sites allowing sports betting are equally allowed to stay in line with the online gambling and lotteries. The speculative regulations state that the ones indulging in sports betting should be involved in some kind of land based business.

Staying in sync with the legal aspects involved in online casino gambling helps you stay safe and enjoy online gambling in a more secured manner.

Michael-NoonanEver since the introduction of the first draft on internet gambling regulations in Ireland in 2011, it has undergone various amendments. Recently it was approved by the government as Ireland’s Gambling Act of 2015. According to Ireland’s Finance Minister Michael Noonan, the new law will introduced some new regulations and will also introduce taxation on remote gambling companies which are offering services to Ireland’s citizens. Once the regulations are finalized all iGaming service providers will have to pay new taxes from next financial year and these games will be firmly regulated by government.

Details of new regulations

From August 1, 2015, all online gaming services like casino, bingo and other games that are played within Ireland that allows players to play with real money will have to pay 1 percent service tax on gross revenues while online sports betting firms will be charged with 15 percent net revenue like the UK POC taxes. Gambling operators that provide online gaming to customers in Ireland will have to obtain license at a fee of € 10,000 which will be valid for two years. The regulations have been approved by gambling service providers in Ireland as a step in the right direction to manage taxation with licensing.

Aim of the Irish internet gaming policy of 2015

The new amendments in the law will make for a better regulated gambling scenario within the nation. Since the bill will also bring offshore gaming providers under the law it will bring more revenues by betting duties and help protect Ireland’s players from frauds. Unlicensed gaming services providers will have to pay fines of € 300,000 if they break the law and thereafter they may also be barred from offering their services in future. These new laws will help local government to earn sizeable revenues of around € 25 million annually and will also provide a level playing ground for all service providers.

Four casinos came into the spotlight on Wall Street when Brean Capital issued Buy ratings for them. Las Vegas Sands Corp., Wynn Resorts Ltd., MGM Resorts International, and Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. were the casinos favoured by the investment bank.


Brean CapitalThe buy rating comes at a time when the casino stocks are more or less off their 52-week highs. The rating was issued, according to Brean, because they expect revenues to increase in Macau in the latter half of this year. Gaming revenues had gone down in the second half of 2014 and have also gone down in the current quarter of 2015, mainly because of the crackdown on anti-corruption brought about by China’s President Xi Jinping.

However, the company says that the reports are over exaggerated and another issue was the lack of room to handle the increased mass market visitation. Brean also sees the upcoming expansion of Galaxy and Melco’s Studio as another reason to reverse the trend of decreasing revenues.


For the concerned stocks; the price targets issued by Brean range from 17 percent to 36 percent upside. The general consensus is that there will be an upside, but not as high as it the company’s estimates. However, it is not only Brean Capital who have issued such high upsides; there are other analysts who have, in fact, issued even higher upsides.

The target price for Las Vegas Sands, according to Brean, is $65, while the same is $28 for Melco, $27 for MGM, and $174 for Wynn. While these are well above the consensus targets, as already mentioned, there are analysts who have estimated even more optimistically. Irrespective of who you think is right, everyone seems to be of the opinion, which is backed by their respective stances on the issue, that there is money to be made by betting on casinos.

casinosA recent research has shown that Australians are inclined to gamble the most among all nations where gambling is legal. A recent study by the Economist has shown that gambling losses in Australia are the highest in the world at $1144 per resident leading to sky high debt among individuals. A disturbing factor which emerged in these studies was that in April 2014 household debt was at 177 percent of disposable income annually. In other words, it is obvious that when it comes to spending, Australians are more reckless than others. According to a financial advisor working on this study, the reason behind this phenomenon is the confidence that Australians have about their money making ability. They know that they are spending recklessly but are equally confident that they will earn it back.

Dangers of overspending

Economists however warn that this situation can turn out to be very risky if families do not have a backup plan, as was evident during recent economic downturn. A classic example of risky behaviour is that of miners who work for years in dingy mines and then blow the money on expensive and unnecessary toys like jet skis and cars along with holidays in extravagant locations. The general behaviour is inclined towards reckless impulsiveness that is a part of human nature. To curb this behaviour society needs to be supportive to encourage frugality and slowly become financially debt-free.

Remedy under the circumstances

Psychology researchers believe that Australians have a mindset of either a saver or an earner which limits their ability to control impulsive purchases. They are unable to grasp the importance of investment and wealth as they are still rooted in the convict mentality that the rich are greedy and authoritative. Caught up with a false sense of bravado some investors make reckless decisions as they risk personal wealth and lose money that they actually need. A recent government study revealed that nearly half of Australian population consist of gambling addicts and are a burden on families and friends as they gamble on virtually anything that they can lay hands on.

Legalizing gambling in Japan is something that everyone thought was an inevitability. The country had recognized the financial benefits from allowing legal casinos, while there was solid public support. However, that public support has waned in recent months and parliament has struggled to pass through any legislation.

Japan_gamblingThe idea was to open a casino in time for the 2020 Olympics that are taking place in Tokyo. The Olympics and a new five star casino/resort would be the start of driving tourism into Japan. However, with parliament unable to pass legislation legalizing casinos, construction has not started on the site, and an opening date of 2020 looks almost impossible.

Parliament is going away for a holiday at the end of November. If a decision is not made in time for that, it could be months before any meaningful legalization is done. This would put a hold on any plans to start construction on the site for the new casino.

There have been reports of serious tension between the current government and their political opponents. This tension has lead to personal attacks, along with a vehement desire from the opposition to stop this gambling legislation.

People who have been working to get this bill passed are worried that it could be rejected in parliament next year. The country’s current Prime Minister will not want to sink more money and time into a project that is doomed to fail. If he thinks that the gambling legislation does not have enough support, the dream of having a casino ready for the Olympics will die.

There are a few members of parliament who are still optimistic that a compromise can be reached. If the government can make a concise argument of how the casino benefits all of Japan, opponents may put their politics to one side. This will require a lot of lobbying, but time is running out.

International gambler who made millions playing poker, blackjack and other card games has created an art museum at his home down in Hobart. He has named the museum as Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and has collected odds and ends from all over the world to make it a unique place. The first object in his collection is a Yoruba door from Johannesburg, Africa which was brought by his friend as part payment for a gambling deal in 1992. For nearly five years he kept it as a memento at home. He purchased an old winery Moorilla and later converted it into MONA.

About David Walsh

David-walshAs an Australian citizen David is well recognized for the humongous fort like museum that he has built in Hobart, Tasmania which is hailed for its innovative collection of modern art. His excellent knowledge of mathematics and ability to read cards before they fall from a stack helped him win several millions through a 12-member gambling syndicated called Bank Roll. His gambling career started at Hobart casino where he met Zeljko Ranogajec and they decided to combine their capabilities to try new tricks and win at poker and blackjack. Both made millions playing at casinos around the world from Las Vegas to South America, Macau and back to Australia. His quixotic lifestyle and ideas have made him an enigma in society and his mathematical abilities, which helped him become a blackjack professional are attributed to Asperger’s disease.

About MONA

The first time David opened an art museum was in May 1996 as a Moorilla Museum of Antiquities he shut down in 2006 due to lack of visitors. He then decided to make something totally unconventional and built MONA at a cost of $100 million and spent $80 million on exhibits. The extravagant museum opened to large crowds who were entranced with the dark themes and unusual entry to the museum. Mona was designed by Nonda Katsalidis who is also a good friend of this gambler turned philanthropist and art collector. She was assisted by a junior artist who designed the museum’s riverside pavilions along with its bars and cafes. An interesting feature of the museum consists of modified iPod Touch system, which tells the visitor about the exhibit before them while listening to the artist’s interview in the background.

Investigations into international money laundering and organised crime operations in Macau have recently uncovered several unlicensed gambling operators running services affiliated with Melco Crown Entertainment.

Making most of the law

illegal gamblingEnterprising casino operators have long been exploiting loopholes in official gambling regulations in Macau, a known centre for illicit activity and black money laundering. Several registered organisations, function on legalities that state dealings solely with operators approved by Macau Government.

Several gambling operators, even those unlicensed with casino regulators in Macau have been openly advertising their services through popular commercial resort properties. Unlicensed gambling administrators unheeding of the law brazenly advertise their services and can easily be found in local directories.

Flagrantly unlawful

Recognised by law enforcement agencies the world over as a leading centre for money laundering, casinos in Macau are regularly used as rather evident means to white wash criminally gained proceeds. Government recognised VIP junkets held in Macau are a wash board for criminals to flourish and make the most of this sectionalised state of affairs.

Since gambling is considered an illegal activity in China, VIP personnel are transported to junkets in Macau where they are even supplied with funds to gamble. An approximate $200 billion worth of illegal funds was supposedly laundered in Macau over last year alone, according to the US Congressional Executive Commission.

The junket association

Under the cover of regulatory approved junkets, several illegitimate gambling operators hold illegal events in private sections of casinos in Macau, where large sums of money are staked and won.

 Even though the DICJ, Macau gaming regulator, have enforced a means to curb unlawful gambling by providing players a list of approved junkets, several unlicensed organisations continue to advertise and promote events at casino properties.

 On the other hand, a majority of junket promoters approved by the DICJ have shown associations and affiliations with organised crime rings in Macau. Junkets run within the casino, although functioning on casino property is not a part of the activity of the casino itself, thereby making the casino unaccountable for the dealings that take place during these events.

The US Open tennis tournament has been a huge success so far this year. With minimal rain delays and plenty of great weather, fans have been enjoying some great tennis. The women’s side of the draw has been particularly interesting, with a lot of upsets taking place. The semi final line up looks close to being completed, making it the perfect time to bet on the winner.

women tennisSerena Williams, Ekaterina Makarova, Caroline Wozniacki and Shuai Peng are the four women who will be contesting the last two games before the showpiece final. Williams will take on Makarova, while Wozniacki and Peng will do battle. Knowing the histories of these women, it would not be too adventurous to predict a Serena Williams vs. Caroline Wozniacki final on Saturday night. From there, it is anyone’s guess who wins.

Here is what the bookmakers think:

The odds on Serena Williams continuing her remarkable tradition of winning grand slams is priced at 8/11 by a few bookmakers. This makes her the clear favorite to regain her crown. Typically, odds on an overall winner are never so low. However, Williams has a tendency to bulldoze the opposition on her way to success.

Despite her impressive pedigree and number one seeding, Serena does not represent betting value for money. Her odds are far too low to make a good profit. Instead, the other three represent more interesting propositions. Ekaterina Makarova has had a great tournament, but overcoming Serena Williams would be a monumental challenge. She is priced at 11/1 to win the title.

Wozniacki’s odds are intriguing. Despite having been world number one for more than a year, she has never won a grand slam. This could be her time. She pulled off an incredible win over Maria Sharapova, who many people predicted would reach the final. This will give her the confidence needed to clinch the trophy. Her odds are 5/2 with most bookmakers. With an easier route to the final than Makarova, she represents the best value for money bet on this tournament.

Meanwhile, Shuai Peng is at 14/1 to win the US Open. It would be a fairytale story for her to accomplish this, but it is hard to see her getting past both Wozniacki and Williams.

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While most gambling websites are 100% legitimate and host avid gamblers who are fully aware of what they are doing, however, some websites use more cunning means to lure in consumers who are not what you would label as typical gamblers. One example is of a middle aged woman in Britain, Sheila Muir, who became addicted to an online gambling website called Kitty Bingo.

kitty bingoSheila’s husband Andrew knew that she liked to gamble every now and then, and was happy when he heard she won more than 100 paounds gambling online. When they received a gigantic chocolate Easter egg in the mail from Kitty Bingo, he thought it was a standard gift given to all users. It was when he opened their bank statements to see the couple were in overdraft of their accounts that he realized his wife had a serious gambling problem.

At first he thought a mistake had been made, or there was some emergency expense his wife had forgotten to tell him about. Instead of finding solace in her answer, Andrew discovered that his wife had lost more than 20,000 pounds gambling on Kitty Bingo for more than a few months. She had been laid off from her stable, well paying job and was at a low point in her life, and she found solace in playing innocent looking games online.

The games she would play on Kitty Bingo featured numbers, letters and pictures of cats. To someone looking at the game for the first time, it would seem like a fun, time passing game that anyone could play. However, Sheila was using real money, and she was losing more often than she was winning.

Websites such as Kitty Bingo will set up their home pages to look as comforting, enticing and secure as possible. They promise free gifts, huge cash prizes, and low risk gambling games. “Win 50,000 pounds while barely using any of your own money,” are the type of statements these sites contain. However, Sheila lost everything to her gambling addiction, and even contemplated suicide at one point.

While these sites are definitely not illegal, many people believe they are immoral. For more information on this story, click here.