James Bond is still on the baccarat table and he has company. The room now has the panda and the dragon as well, supporting the Las Vegas brand which is responsible for their birth.

Baccarat TableAll this is courtesy Robin Powell and Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, the Talisman Group principals. The version of this games developed by them has nearly 700 tables in active use, starting from San Diego all the way to Macau.

Startling growth for baccarat

In the last 5 years, the game of baccarat has grown by 315 percent, reported spokesperson Michelle Laird. Tejeda was reported saying that they were aware where it was going and they were right. In Asia, baccarat is a highly popular game. As such, the pandas and dragons are used in EZ Baccarat as they are symbols in sync with the Asian culture.

A problem is also solved by the game. Without having to change the different elements of the game, there is elimination of the dealer’s responsibility of withdrawing the 5% commission of the casino.

How it began for Powell and Tejeda

It was in 2003 that Tejeda and Powell met and opened the baccarat room at the MGM Grand. Casinos have remained a lifestyle for both of them.

Tejeda remembered how is career pushed off in 1971 in Reno at Harrah’s when he met Bill Harrah. Transitioning from dealing to managing and finally into the global marketing of the game of baccarat, Tejeda has travelled the world in all these years.

In Botswana, Powell had briefly worked as a craps dealer. He started dealing chemin de fer, the baccarat forerunner, at the age of 19, in Swaziland. Powell found his way into the casino operations and moved around covering Australia, Africa, Monte Carlo and then bouncing to Spain.

Everton vs. ManchesterEverton will entertain the current Barclays Premier League champions in a game that could have massive importance for both teams. Everton were only two points behind City at this stage last season, but they have endured a miserable campaign. They have lost seven out of their last ten games, winning only twice. A win over City would do a lot to lift the gloom around Goodison Park.

City endured a tricky start to the season as well, but they recovered much better than Everton. They have won a lot of their recent games, which has put them level on points with Chelsea at the top of the table. A win here would represent a great chance for City to continue piling on the pressure on their London rivals.

Betting sites believe that Everton will have a tough time winning this game. City have been made favorites to win, with odds of 9/10 in their favor. Odds of 11/4 can be taken on the draw, while Everton are all the way out at 10/3 to win.

It is unusual for a home team to be the underdog, especially with Everton’s recent record over City. They have put one over their richer rivals many times in the past three or four years.

Betting on Everton in this game would represent a risk. They may be able to beat City on their day, but their recent form is nothing short of miserable. Even with odds of 9/10, City are the best bet for this game. They will have too much firepower for Everton, and should win comfortably.

Notable absentees for this game are City’s star players, Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero. Toure is at the African Cup of Nations, while Aguero is recovering from a knee injury.

Casinos are popular with the masses. Even the rich and famous can’t escape the attraction of casino games. Some celebrity or other is always in the news related to casino and casino games. These celebs come from the field of entertainment, sports and even politics. Then there are those celebrities who are more famous than others when it comes to their casino escapades.

Here are a few top celebrity gamblers you might run into in a high-end casino.

Tiger Woods

Ben AffleckTiger Woods may be known around the world for his golf talent, but not many might be aware of his love of blackjack. He is known to spend as much as $25000 to $200,000 per hand in blackjack during his casinos visits. He is known to stay in casino hotels so that he can play blackjack with ease.

Michael Jordan

Another celebrity from the field of sports who is addicted to gambling is Michael Jordan. He is known to bet big in poker and craps table. But it has also been reported that he also bet heavily on sports especially golf. It has been rumoured that Michael Jordan was banned from NBA due to his addiction to gambling.

Ben Affleck

The actor was in news this year for being banned from some casinos for counting cards at blackjack. He so much as admitted to it later but fact remains he loves casino games; mainly blackjack but also poker. Ben Affleck is also known for tipping big after his wins on the blackjack tables.

Jennifer Tilly

She is also a winner of a bracelet at a World Series of Poker event, apart from being an actress. She is known for spending more time at the poker tables than making from movies. Jennifer Tilly has won big money on poker tables.

 John McCain

The once presidential candidate is addicted to craps if his circle of ‘so called friends’ are to be believed. His love of gambling came out in the open during his US presidential campaign. It is said that he spends long hours on the craps table at a time and a sitting can be as long as a day.

philiveyPoker players are rarely far from controversy, but the Phil Ivey case has still gathered a great deal of attention. A superstar poker player being accused of cheating at another game is not common, especially for the vast sums being mentioned. Ivey is currently dealing with a serious legal issue involving two major casinos. These casinos allege that he cheated at baccarat using a fancy edge sorting scheme. The player has decided to appear on the popular 60 Minutes TV show to set the record straight.

Ivey’s 60 Minutes episode has already been recorded, but it will not air until the 7th of October. The interviewer is James Brown. The interview will include a lot of one on one questions, while other portions of the show include a film crew tailing Ivey’s movements at the recent World Series of Poker event.

Ivey had a good tournament at WSOP, and the filming crew should have gotten access to some interesting footage during the weekend. Poker can be such an intense sport, especially at the elite level, so it will be interesting to see how players interact in between high stakes games.

Phil Ivey has always protested that he is innocent of these edge sorting charges. He believes that he had a good run at those casinos and won his millions fair and square. The casinos are not so sure. They are claiming to have evidence that will prove his guilt. This evidence will be properly presented at trial. It was rumored that Ivey would try and settle the lawsuit, but no such settlement has transpired.

Ivey’s baccarat winnings came in 2013, when he won $12 million at Crockfords Casino and $10 million at the Borgata Casino. One casino withheld the winnings, while the other filed a lawsuit against him. Ivey is now in a legal battle against them both. He hopes to reclaim all the winnings and clear his name.

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The final table player of the main event of the World Series of Poker has been delayed over the course of the last few years. Seen as a promotional gold mine, television has sought to maximize the exposure of the players and the tournament itself. The last nine participants have also benefited from the stoppage in play. Endorsement deals, interviews, and other actions have been garnered to increase their individual paydays. Now you can add stake selling to the maneuvering that can occur in the period of time until the final table starts back up in November.

AmirLehavotAmir Lehavot has decided to sell 30 percent of his action at the final table. This number would be calculated after 9th place money would be deducted. $733,224 is what is awarded for ninth place. Mr. Lehavot currently sits in second chip place.

Crunching the Numbers

  • 4th and Lower is a Loss for the Investors.
  • 3rd Offers a Slight Return
  • 2nd Nearly Doubles the Stake
  • Winning the Tournament Brings in the Obvious Bonanza

The amount per percentage point of the stake is $29,248. Thirty times that is $877,440. Forurh place is a payday of $2,791,983. Subtracting the $733,224 for ninth place brings in a number which is $2,058,759. Thirty percent of that which is the stake comes to $617,627.70. The number is lower so the investors incur a loss.

Using the same logic, the other three places came out to this pool share. Third place generates a pool of $898,139.70. Runner up status brings the investors a fund of $1,331,983.80 to split. If the horse comes in to win the main event crown, the pot that would be divided up by the speculators comes to nearly triple the investment at a total of $2,287,892.10 dollars.

The sale was announced via the Twitter. No matter what the final result will be, Amir Lehavot has introduced an new element to this final table format. Only time will tell if this investment will triple up or potentially crap out for all those who choose to invset.

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Casino UK

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