Gambling: US Open Women’s Odds

The US Open tennis tournament has been a huge success so far this year. With minimal rain delays and plenty of great weather, fans have been enjoying some great tennis. The women’s side of the draw has been particularly interesting, with a lot of upsets taking place. The semi final line up looks close to being completed, making it the perfect time to bet on the winner.

women tennisSerena Williams, Ekaterina Makarova, Caroline Wozniacki and Shuai Peng are the four women who will be contesting the last two games before the showpiece final. Williams will take on Makarova, while Wozniacki and Peng will do battle. Knowing the histories of these women, it would not be too adventurous to predict a Serena Williams vs. Caroline Wozniacki final on Saturday night. From there, it is anyone’s guess who wins.

Here is what the bookmakers think:

The odds on Serena Williams continuing her remarkable tradition of winning grand slams is priced at 8/11 by a few bookmakers. This makes her the clear favorite to regain her crown. Typically, odds on an overall winner are never so low. However, Williams has a tendency to bulldoze the opposition on her way to success.

Despite her impressive pedigree and number one seeding, Serena does not represent betting value for money. Her odds are far too low to make a good profit. Instead, the other three represent more interesting propositions. Ekaterina Makarova has had a great tournament, but overcoming Serena Williams would be a monumental challenge. She is priced at 11/1 to win the title.

Wozniacki’s odds are intriguing. Despite having been world number one for more than a year, she has never won a grand slam. This could be her time. She pulled off an incredible win over Maria Sharapova, who many people predicted would reach the final. This will give her the confidence needed to clinch the trophy. Her odds are 5/2 with most bookmakers. With an easier route to the final than Makarova, she represents the best value for money bet on this tournament.

Meanwhile, Shuai Peng is at 14/1 to win the US Open. It would be a fairytale story for her to accomplish this, but it is hard to see her getting past both Wozniacki and Williams.

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