Illegal Gambling In Macau

Investigations into international money laundering and organised crime operations in Macau have recently uncovered several unlicensed gambling operators running services affiliated with Melco Crown Entertainment.

Making most of the law

illegal gamblingEnterprising casino operators have long been exploiting loopholes in official gambling regulations in Macau, a known centre for illicit activity and black money laundering. Several registered organisations, function on legalities that state dealings solely with operators approved by Macau Government.

Several gambling operators, even those unlicensed with casino regulators in Macau have been openly advertising their services through popular commercial resort properties. Unlicensed gambling administrators unheeding of the law brazenly advertise their services and can easily be found in local directories.

Flagrantly unlawful

Recognised by law enforcement agencies the world over as a leading centre for money laundering, casinos in Macau are regularly used as rather evident means to white wash criminally gained proceeds. Government recognised VIP junkets held in Macau are a wash board for criminals to flourish and make the most of this sectionalised state of affairs.

Since gambling is considered an illegal activity in China, VIP personnel are transported to junkets in Macau where they are even supplied with funds to gamble. An approximate $200 billion worth of illegal funds was supposedly laundered in Macau over last year alone, according to the US Congressional Executive Commission.

The junket association

Under the cover of regulatory approved junkets, several illegitimate gambling operators hold illegal events in private sections of casinos in Macau, where large sums of money are staked and won.

 Even though the DICJ, Macau gaming regulator, have enforced a means to curb unlawful gambling by providing players a list of approved junkets, several unlicensed organisations continue to advertise and promote events at casino properties.

 On the other hand, a majority of junket promoters approved by the DICJ have shown associations and affiliations with organised crime rings in Macau. Junkets run within the casino, although functioning on casino property is not a part of the activity of the casino itself, thereby making the casino unaccountable for the dealings that take place during these events.