Jackpot247 Comments on New UK Magazine


The online gambling experts at Jackpot247 have released yet another statement, this time in response to the launch of a brand new online review magazine that focuses on gambling in the UK, titled Jackpots Review.

With online gambling easily considered to be a chief means of entertainment for millions of residents not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world, it is natural to see the evolution and launch of a magazine dedicated strictly to this growing industry. According to OnlineCasino.org, Jackpots Review has just been rolled out across different venues in the UK while attempting to provide honest and critical reviews of popular online slots games that players can access.

The Editor in Chief of Jackpots Review, Michael Caselli, stated that the magazine is set to help those who play slots find new venues to enjoy the game while also assisting them in finding those games and offering previews that will be released a few months later.

The venture of Jackpots Review looks to tap into the growing market of online gambling, and the second issue will likely launch when the upcoming international gaming conferences in European cities like London. The magazine also hopes that it can launch in a variety of other countries where online gambling has continued to grow and thrive, such as in Canada.

The online casino that is known for offering a variety of games like video poker and live roulette, Jackpot247 made a statement on the new publication, expressing significant interest in the various ways that it can apply critical thinking to the industry of online gambling.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the introduction of the magazine can only mean good things for those who are actively playing on online casinos but also those who are interested in the culture of Internet gambling as a whole, allowing its players to look for the best games that they want to play, such as those on Jackpot247. In addition, the magazine will help with delivering news of upcoming and brand new releases while focusing on the best games that Internet gamblers can enjoy. The spokesperson also noted that the company would follow the publication closely.

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