Middle Class Woman Turned Gambling Addict

While most gambling websites are 100% legitimate and host avid gamblers who are fully aware of what they are doing, however, some websites use more cunning means to lure in consumers who are not what you would label as typical gamblers. One example is of a middle aged woman in Britain, Sheila Muir, who became addicted to an online gambling website called Kitty Bingo.

kitty bingoSheila’s husband Andrew knew that she liked to gamble every now and then, and was happy when he heard she won more than 100 paounds gambling online. When they received a gigantic chocolate Easter egg in the mail from Kitty Bingo, he thought it was a standard gift given to all users. It was when he opened their bank statements to see the couple were in overdraft of their accounts that he realized his wife had a serious gambling problem.

At first he thought a mistake had been made, or there was some emergency expense his wife had forgotten to tell him about. Instead of finding solace in her answer, Andrew discovered that his wife had lost more than 20,000 pounds gambling on Kitty Bingo for more than a few months. She had been laid off from her stable, well paying job and was at a low point in her life, and she found solace in playing innocent looking games online.

The games she would play on Kitty Bingo featured numbers, letters and pictures of cats. To someone looking at the game for the first time, it would seem like a fun, time passing game that anyone could play. However, Sheila was using real money, and she was losing more often than she was winning.

Websites such as Kitty Bingo will set up their home pages to look as comforting, enticing and secure as possible. They promise free gifts, huge cash prizes, and low risk gambling games. “Win 50,000 pounds while barely using any of your own money,” are the type of statements these sites contain. However, Sheila lost everything to her gambling addiction, and even contemplated suicide at one point.

While these sites are definitely not illegal, many people believe they are immoral. For more information on this story, click here.