philiveyPoker players are rarely far from controversy, but the Phil Ivey case has still gathered a great deal of attention. A superstar poker player being accused of cheating at another game is not common, especially for the vast sums being mentioned. Ivey is currently dealing with a serious legal issue involving two major casinos. These casinos allege that he cheated at baccarat using a fancy edge sorting scheme. The player has decided to appear on the popular 60 Minutes TV show to set the record straight.

Ivey’s 60 Minutes episode has already been recorded, but it will not air until the 7th of October. The interviewer is James Brown. The interview will include a lot of one on one questions, while other portions of the show include a film crew tailing Ivey’s movements at the recent World Series of Poker event.

Ivey had a good tournament at WSOP, and the filming crew should have gotten access to some interesting footage during the weekend. Poker can be such an intense sport, especially at the elite level, so it will be interesting to see how players interact in between high stakes games.

Phil Ivey has always protested that he is innocent of these edge sorting charges. He believes that he had a good run at those casinos and won his millions fair and square. The casinos are not so sure. They are claiming to have evidence that will prove his guilt. This evidence will be properly presented at trial. It was rumored that Ivey would try and settle the lawsuit, but no such settlement has transpired.

Ivey’s baccarat winnings came in 2013, when he won $12 million at Crockfords Casino and $10 million at the Borgata Casino. One casino withheld the winnings, while the other filed a lawsuit against him. Ivey is now in a legal battle against them both. He hopes to reclaim all the winnings and clear his name.

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Investigations into international money laundering and organised crime operations in Macau have recently uncovered several unlicensed gambling operators running services affiliated with Melco Crown Entertainment.

Making most of the law

illegal gamblingEnterprising casino operators have long been exploiting loopholes in official gambling regulations in Macau, a known centre for illicit activity and black money laundering. Several registered organisations, function on legalities that state dealings solely with operators approved by Macau Government.

Several gambling operators, even those unlicensed with casino regulators in Macau have been openly advertising their services through popular commercial resort properties. Unlicensed gambling administrators unheeding of the law brazenly advertise their services and can easily be found in local directories.

Flagrantly unlawful

Recognised by law enforcement agencies the world over as a leading centre for money laundering, casinos in Macau are regularly used as rather evident means to white wash criminally gained proceeds. Government recognised VIP junkets held in Macau are a wash board for criminals to flourish and make the most of this sectionalised state of affairs.

Since gambling is considered an illegal activity in China, VIP personnel are transported to junkets in Macau where they are even supplied with funds to gamble. An approximate $200 billion worth of illegal funds was supposedly laundered in Macau over last year alone, according to the US Congressional Executive Commission.

The junket association

Under the cover of regulatory approved junkets, several illegitimate gambling operators hold illegal events in private sections of casinos in Macau, where large sums of money are staked and won.

 Even though the DICJ, Macau gaming regulator, have enforced a means to curb unlawful gambling by providing players a list of approved junkets, several unlicensed organisations continue to advertise and promote events at casino properties.

 On the other hand, a majority of junket promoters approved by the DICJ have shown associations and affiliations with organised crime rings in Macau. Junkets run within the casino, although functioning on casino property is not a part of the activity of the casino itself, thereby making the casino unaccountable for the dealings that take place during these events.

The US Open tennis tournament has been a huge success so far this year. With minimal rain delays and plenty of great weather, fans have been enjoying some great tennis. The women’s side of the draw has been particularly interesting, with a lot of upsets taking place. The semi final line up looks close to being completed, making it the perfect time to bet on the winner.

women tennisSerena Williams, Ekaterina Makarova, Caroline Wozniacki and Shuai Peng are the four women who will be contesting the last two games before the showpiece final. Williams will take on Makarova, while Wozniacki and Peng will do battle. Knowing the histories of these women, it would not be too adventurous to predict a Serena Williams vs. Caroline Wozniacki final on Saturday night. From there, it is anyone’s guess who wins.

Here is what the bookmakers think:

The odds on Serena Williams continuing her remarkable tradition of winning grand slams is priced at 8/11 by a few bookmakers. This makes her the clear favorite to regain her crown. Typically, odds on an overall winner are never so low. However, Williams has a tendency to bulldoze the opposition on her way to success.

Despite her impressive pedigree and number one seeding, Serena does not represent betting value for money. Her odds are far too low to make a good profit. Instead, the other three represent more interesting propositions. Ekaterina Makarova has had a great tournament, but overcoming Serena Williams would be a monumental challenge. She is priced at 11/1 to win the title.

Wozniacki’s odds are intriguing. Despite having been world number one for more than a year, she has never won a grand slam. This could be her time. She pulled off an incredible win over Maria Sharapova, who many people predicted would reach the final. This will give her the confidence needed to clinch the trophy. Her odds are 5/2 with most bookmakers. With an easier route to the final than Makarova, she represents the best value for money bet on this tournament.

Meanwhile, Shuai Peng is at 14/1 to win the US Open. It would be a fairytale story for her to accomplish this, but it is hard to see her getting past both Wozniacki and Williams.

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While most gambling websites are 100% legitimate and host avid gamblers who are fully aware of what they are doing, however, some websites use more cunning means to lure in consumers who are not what you would label as typical gamblers. One example is of a middle aged woman in Britain, Sheila Muir, who became addicted to an online gambling website called Kitty Bingo.

kitty bingoSheila’s husband Andrew knew that she liked to gamble every now and then, and was happy when he heard she won more than 100 paounds gambling online. When they received a gigantic chocolate Easter egg in the mail from Kitty Bingo, he thought it was a standard gift given to all users. It was when he opened their bank statements to see the couple were in overdraft of their accounts that he realized his wife had a serious gambling problem.

At first he thought a mistake had been made, or there was some emergency expense his wife had forgotten to tell him about. Instead of finding solace in her answer, Andrew discovered that his wife had lost more than 20,000 pounds gambling on Kitty Bingo for more than a few months. She had been laid off from her stable, well paying job and was at a low point in her life, and she found solace in playing innocent looking games online.

The games she would play on Kitty Bingo featured numbers, letters and pictures of cats. To someone looking at the game for the first time, it would seem like a fun, time passing game that anyone could play. However, Sheila was using real money, and she was losing more often than she was winning.

Websites such as Kitty Bingo will set up their home pages to look as comforting, enticing and secure as possible. They promise free gifts, huge cash prizes, and low risk gambling games. “Win 50,000 pounds while barely using any of your own money,” are the type of statements these sites contain. However, Sheila lost everything to her gambling addiction, and even contemplated suicide at one point.

While these sites are definitely not illegal, many people believe they are immoral. For more information on this story, click here.

Sochi Olympics

On July 4, the Russian Parliament voted to convert Sochi, the Black Sea venue for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, into a gambling zone. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, State Duma made the decision to improve the financial models of the now-redundant sporting facilities, which were funded by bank loans.

Where are the existing gambling centers?

In 2009, numerous casinos were shut in the wake of Russia’s tightening of gambling laws. The government permitted just four gambling zones in the southern, eastern and western regions of the country. Of these, only one, Azov City, remains open. Casinos in three other gambling zones in the Republic of Altai, Krasnodar and Primorye region have been under construction for the past five years.

What next for Azov City?

Azov City has three casinos on the shore of the Azov Sea near the southwestern border with the Ukraine. Russian law may force the Azov City gambling zone to be shut down to make way for the new casinos at Sochi, however this is still being discussed.

A new look for Crimea

State Dema also voted to allow Crimea to create a gambling zone, bringing jobs and investment to the region and topping up the annual revenue base in the local budget by as much as 25 billion rubles (approximately GBP 429 million).

While Crimea are expected to be given free reign over the location and boundaries of the gambling area, Sochi will be more tightly regulated in this regard. For example, casinos will only be allowed in those Olympic facilities that were privately funded. The move will have knock-on effects in areas, bringing in waves of tourists and boosting the hotel and food service industries.

Where did the idea come from?

It was Sberbank chief German Gref who first proposed turning Sochi into the Russian version of Atlantic City or Las Vegas. He broached the subject last winter at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who reportedly lacked enthusiasm for the idea. When the Prime Minister was mistakenly quoted by the Kommersant newspaper as making the initial proposal, one of his representatives was forced to publicly deny it. It is unclear what brought about the change of heart.

South Korea has officially approved plans for the first foreign owned casino to be built inside its borders. This is a move that was long resisted by the Korean government, but after looking at the success of similar casinos in Macau and Singapore, they have changed their policy. The move is geared towards attracting tourism income from China, which is responsible for the vast majority of South-East and East Asian gambling.

south korea casinoThis casino will be a gambling site, five star hotel and shopping center when completed. The project is being headlined by Caesars, a Las Vegas casino company, and the Hong Kond property developer Lippo Limited. The project is being tentatively valued at $2.2 billion, and a site close to the Incheon International Airport has been selected for construction.

There are already 17 casinos scattered throughout South Korea, but none of them have any foreign investors. With Chinese tourists making up more than a third of the visitors to South Korea ever year, the country’s president is making good on his promise to bolster the nation’s coffers without resorting to increased exports.

An expert on hotel management, Song Hak Jun, believes that this is a very smart move by the Korean government. “?Korea is the optimal location to attract Chinese gamblers. Everyone in Asia is competing to absorb China’s intense tourist demands, and having a casino resort will greatly benefit South Korea.”

Helpful Hint: If you want to play exciting Casino Games, but are unable to travel to South Korea to do it, why not try There is a huge listing of different games that can be played in the comfort of your own home, and some of the online casinos accept BitCoin, too.

Foreigners Only –

There are 17 casinos operating in South Korea right now, with one reserved for Korean citizens and 16 exclusively catering to foreign gamblers. These casinos attracted more than 5 million gamblers in 2012, with the number set to increase in the coming years. Current projections for the new casino show that it will attract more than 890 billion won in tourism money, while creating 8,000 new jobs from 2014 to 2018.

The goal is to have this casino open in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. For more information about gambling in South Korea, click here.

We love the true heroes of the casino, those with the guts to go all in, potentially losing everything. These are the men and women who don’t know the meaning of a safe life, a moderate existence, or a comfortable casino experience. Rather, they prefer to live life far out on the edge, where precious few choose to dwell. In some ways, they’re fortunate, as they can find a unique perspective on the world, even if they end up paying a very high price for it.

And so begins the tragic tale of Akio Kashiwagi.

Kashiwagi was a wealthy Asian real estate mogul who loved wagering high on the Las Vegas strip.

casino lossHe regularly played his favorite game, baccarat, for outrageous amounts of money, sometimes $100,000 to $200,000 a hand on the game, often for hours at a time. The only reason he stopped at the $200,000 mark was because the table would admit no higher wagers. Who knows how high Kashiwagi would have gone were he given the opportunity.

According to Dennis Gomes, president of the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, [Kashiwagi] would play two days straight without sleeping, go to bed, get up and gamble some more. He was a friendly guy, but he was a tough negotiator when it came to paying his debt. It was frustrating to deal with him. Out of an $8 million debt, you’d probably collect maybe $5 million.”

One day, Kashiwagi accepted a challenge to a $12 million freeze-out at an Atlantic City casino. With $200,000-maximum bets, the basis of the wager was for Kashiwagi to play until he’d either lost the full $12 million or doubled his money. For some six days, Kashiwagi feverishly played up to 12 hours a day with little sleep in between.

He left with $10 million less than he started. In with $12 million, out with $2 million.

Can we hear a collective ouch? Wait. You haven’t heard the worst of it.

On January 3, 1992, Kashiwagi was stabbed about 150 times with a samurai sword. His body was discovered at his home near Mount Fuji. It is believed that Kashiwagi was murdered by the Yakuza (Japanese mobsters) over a business deal that had gone sour. When Kashiwagi died, he left casino debts of several million dollars.

Kashiwagi lived by the sword and ended up, ironically, dying by the sword. You can’t expect to wager in the world of high rollers, sharky businessmen and the cut-throat Yakuza and not find yourself coming up short at least once. The world is quick to cheer at your successes, but slow to forgive your mishaps. We’re sorry for Kashiwagi’s fate. His story even garnered a mention in the New York Times when he died in 1992.

But we appreciate that Kashiwagi lived a life less ordinary. Had he won his $12-million challenge, he’d certainly have been a wealthier man. But just like the casinos, life can throw its collective disadvantages at all of us if we’re not careful about how we lay our cards and make our choices.


The online gambling experts at Jackpot247 have released yet another statement, this time in response to the launch of a brand new online review magazine that focuses on gambling in the UK, titled Jackpots Review.

With online gambling easily considered to be a chief means of entertainment for millions of residents not just in the United Kingdom but throughout the world, it is natural to see the evolution and launch of a magazine dedicated strictly to this growing industry. According to, Jackpots Review has just been rolled out across different venues in the UK while attempting to provide honest and critical reviews of popular online slots games that players can access.

The Editor in Chief of Jackpots Review, Michael Caselli, stated that the magazine is set to help those who play slots find new venues to enjoy the game while also assisting them in finding those games and offering previews that will be released a few months later.

The venture of Jackpots Review looks to tap into the growing market of online gambling, and the second issue will likely launch when the upcoming international gaming conferences in European cities like London. The magazine also hopes that it can launch in a variety of other countries where online gambling has continued to grow and thrive, such as in Canada.

The online casino that is known for offering a variety of games like video poker and live roulette, Jackpot247 made a statement on the new publication, expressing significant interest in the various ways that it can apply critical thinking to the industry of online gambling.

According to a spokesperson for the company, the introduction of the magazine can only mean good things for those who are actively playing on online casinos but also those who are interested in the culture of Internet gambling as a whole, allowing its players to look for the best games that they want to play, such as those on Jackpot247. In addition, the magazine will help with delivering news of upcoming and brand new releases while focusing on the best games that Internet gamblers can enjoy. The spokesperson also noted that the company would follow the publication closely.

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Bingo 3X is proudly presenting a new game that caters to everyone’s taste for treasure at some level. They are rolling out a number of special promotions that includes a new game that delivers unparalleled excitement for both new and seasoned players. The Treasure Quest is a one of kind offering from Bingo 3X and other sites like the casinoaus website that promises adventure, unpredictability, and, of course, the potential for big money. Players embark on a legendary hunt for treasure that provides them with the chance to win at least 2,000 pounds in cash and prizes along the way. Players can currently make their way to the site to begin earning their free tickets. All that is required of hopeful recipients is entry into the Treasure Free Tickets room where where the games designated for tickets are being held.

Among the games that players can use to win their free entry are 75-Ball Bingo. In every game that is held, five winners will be rewarded with tickets for the Treasure Hunt. The tickets are awarded on a winning line basis. For example, a winner with one line will receive one ticket for entry. A two-line winner will be given two tickets and so on. There is no limit to the number of tickets that players can earn for the Treasure Hunt, making it necessary for players to get in on the action as early as possible. Given the possibilities for winning once engaged in the Treasure Hunt, each ticket has the equivalent cash value of at least 2,000 pounds. On top of the extraordinary offers, Bingo 3X has a wealth of other Bingo games to keep players entertained for hours. Huge jackpots accompany each Bingo room, making the rewards for playing generous by any standard. One of the most popular games to be offered by Bingo 3X is in the Zodiac Room. Here, players have the chance to get their hands on up to 1,111 pounds in prize money.

Video Slot Hound Hotel created by Micrograming is an interesting slot game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game is set in a five star hotel which has cute and perfectly groomed dogs as the main characters and bets can be placed from a minimum amount of 25p to maximum of £ 37.50 at one time. The video slot has a pleasant and soothing background score unlike the usual dull elevator music one gets to hear in hotels and is almost identical to Microgaming’s Kitty Cabana video slot with dogs instead of cats as the main character.

Bonus features and free spins

Slot Hound HotelThe cute dogs shower their fans with a bunch of bonus offers like wild spins that can increase your chances of winning jackpot of £ 2500. The Dashing Wild feature gets activated even when there are no winning combinations. It gives you further bonus of 3 dashing wilds that move randomly across the reels. The attractive Hound Hotel Bonus will first allow you to play 1 among five free spins that will give you access to other 5 features. In the three rows of slots of Hound Hotel there are five stately looking dogs which have the highest value while alphabets J, Q, K, and A have the lowest.

Multiplier and wild spins

Hound Hotel’s logo is a wild symbol that is tucked away in the base game that can be activated in any of the wild spins by its bellboy which is the main scatter symbol. If it is a non-win spin you may get any three of original “Dashing Wilds” on the reels which can offer a win. The wilds are scattered on first floor while the multipliers are on second floor. Floor three determines the total number of free spins a player is likely to win. While the Wild Reels give you will reels permanently on reel 1 and 5 the Super Stacked Wilds give you access to 20 symbols on reel 2 and 4 that makes it super exciting.