Gamble-OnlineFrom the offset of internet gambling as a legitimate format, all the groundwork laid has been in preparation for the arrival of current Live Dealer Casino gambling as it is right now.

Though we can easily expect even further progress in the years to come, especially as more and more attention is drawn in to the format, it has simply never been better than what it is currently.

From shaky beginnings as a landscape of rather uninteresting bland games rooms with a dealer who was more like a moderator than an active controller of activities, the gaming experience provided by Live Dealer Casinos has shone through to become something no-one could have anticipated.

Now the services offered by most online casinos of this type are not far short of spectacular, with webcam options available for those who prefer the benefit of visual opponent assessment as well as direct interaction with the professional dealers who mediate realistically.

If ever there was a time to get involved with this whole new world within the gambling universe, it is now. While some may see it as arriving to the party a little early, the benefits are likely to reveal themselves in a timely manner as we continue towards apex.

Blackjack_boardOne of the very best things about Live Dealer Casinos is that they are capable of providing their users with an experience that can only be matched, never mind surpassed, by the real thing. Yes sir; gone indeed are the days of subpar interfaces and terrible software.

While some outlets are still struggling to shake the perceptions of limitation and unrealistic game play held by many as a result of this turbulent past, many are noting a vast growth in user numbers. This is undeniably very much to do with increase in quality noted by the industry as a whole.

Not only have online based Live Dealer Casinos grown to extend the experiences they can offer, but they have drastically increased the amount of games available to users.

In the past, slots were probably the most popular online based games, though now the technology possessed by websites who offer the full online casino experience has allowed an increase in the popularity of more intricate games. Poker, for example, is a game which could until recently, have never been matched online when compared to the physical world. However the introduction of Live Dealer features has brought it pretty damn close.

Most, if not all staple games such as Blackjack, Poker and Roulette are also all of course widely available through most Live Dealer Casino sites, with lesser known and more specialist games like Baccarat and Keno also easily found by those with more specialist tastes.

Operating in a very similar way to their physical counterparts, many would claim that the only difference between a real casino and an online Live Dealer Casino is the freedom and convenience. An angle that I particularly enjoy on account of the remarkable progress it indicates.

The strides taken by the worlds Live Dealer Casinos over the last few years have been simply exceptional, not to mention entirely game changing.  And, with even more ground being covered constantly- the future looks to be even brighter than the present, which is of course the way that all things should in fact be.

Hang on to your hats as we climb aboard the first train to complete gambling bliss. Whether a journey which will take a year or a decade, its guaranteed to be one hell of a ride and worth every single penny won.

Poker players have some interesting theories on the game they love so much. Here is Randal Flowers tweeting from his account @RandALLin:

“A famous man once said “ICM is for poor people.”

Poker Player Tweets Stir The CauldronIn this space, we find it interesting that Independent Chip Modeling is for poor people. There are many instances when poker players need to assign cash values to their chip stack to make decisions. When they’re in tournaments, there are different strategies than if they’re sitting at a table in a hidden room in a casino. Strategy is the whole point of the game. Without strategy, poker is essentially a dead game.

While Randal may be right that some people are only in it for the money, what did he expect? It’s poker. Everyone plays it for money.

Funny enough, I think a great many people have done what Matthew Waxman notes on his account @Matthew_Waxman:

“When I was in high school we used to play poker in study hall and lunch by verbally betting and keeping a tally of debts with pen and paper.”

While we’re not sure if high school is the best way to train as a poker player, it is interesting that a verbal betting system with written records worked for Waxman. The ability to keep track of bets, everyone’s position in the game, and to bet appropriately verbally is a pretty good skill to have.

In today’s world of online gaming and information, it’s wonderful to see that some players learned to play in what some would consider the “old-fashioned way”. Playing with buddies in a game every week, playing at the lunch table on your break, or even playing amongst friends after school can all be invaluable tools in the arsenal of an emerging poker professional. Taking it from professionals, there seems to be a thousand ways to learn.