Poker players have some interesting theories on the game they love so much. Here is Randal Flowers tweeting from his account @RandALLin:

“A famous man once said “ICM is for poor people.”

Poker Player Tweets Stir The CauldronIn this space, we find it interesting that Independent Chip Modeling is for poor people. There are many instances when poker players need to assign cash values to their chip stack to make decisions. When they’re in tournaments, there are different strategies than if they’re sitting at a table in a hidden room in a casino. Strategy is the whole point of the game. Without strategy, poker is essentially a dead game.

While Randal may be right that some people are only in it for the money, what did he expect? It’s poker. Everyone plays it for money.

Funny enough, I think a great many people have done what Matthew Waxman notes on his account @Matthew_Waxman:

“When I was in high school we used to play poker in study hall and lunch by verbally betting and keeping a tally of debts with pen and paper.”

While we’re not sure if high school is the best way to train as a poker player, it is interesting that a verbal betting system with written records worked for Waxman. The ability to keep track of bets, everyone’s position in the game, and to bet appropriately verbally is a pretty good skill to have.

In today’s world of online gaming and information, it’s wonderful to see that some players learned to play in what some would consider the “old-fashioned way”. Playing with buddies in a game every week, playing at the lunch table on your break, or even playing amongst friends after school can all be invaluable tools in the arsenal of an emerging poker professional. Taking it from professionals, there seems to be a thousand ways to learn.