Final Table Player Hedges His Main Event Prize

The final table player of the main event of the World Series of Poker has been delayed over the course of the last few years. Seen as a promotional gold mine, television has sought to maximize the exposure of the players and the tournament itself. The last nine participants have also benefited from the stoppage in play. Endorsement deals, interviews, and other actions have been garnered to increase their individual paydays. Now you can add stake selling to the maneuvering that can occur in the period of time until the final table starts back up in November.

AmirLehavotAmir Lehavot has decided to sell 30 percent of his action at the final table. This number would be calculated after 9th place money would be deducted. $733,224 is what is awarded for ninth place. Mr. Lehavot currently sits in second chip place.

Crunching the Numbers

  • 4th and Lower is a Loss for the Investors.
  • 3rd Offers a Slight Return
  • 2nd Nearly Doubles the Stake
  • Winning the Tournament Brings in the Obvious Bonanza

The amount per percentage point of the stake is $29,248. Thirty times that is $877,440. Forurh place is a payday of $2,791,983. Subtracting the $733,224 for ninth place brings in a number which is $2,058,759. Thirty percent of that which is the stake comes to $617,627.70. The number is lower so the investors incur a loss.

Using the same logic, the other three places came out to this pool share. Third place generates a pool of $898,139.70. Runner up status brings the investors a fund of $1,331,983.80 to split. If the horse comes in to win the main event crown, the pot that would be divided up by the speculators comes to nearly triple the investment at a total of $2,287,892.10 dollars.

The sale was announced via the Twitter. No matter what the final result will be, Amir Lehavot has introduced an new element to this final table format. Only time will tell if this investment will triple up or potentially crap out for all those who choose to invset.