Phil Ivey Discusses Lawsuit on 60 Minutes TV Show

philiveyPoker players are rarely far from controversy, but the Phil Ivey case has still gathered a great deal of attention. A superstar poker player being accused of cheating at another game is not common, especially for the vast sums being mentioned. Ivey is currently dealing with a serious legal issue involving two major casinos. These casinos allege that he cheated at baccarat using a fancy edge sorting scheme. The player has decided to appear on the popular 60 Minutes TV show to set the record straight.

Ivey’s 60 Minutes episode has already been recorded, but it will not air until the 7th of October. The interviewer is James Brown. The interview will include a lot of one on one questions, while other portions of the show include a film crew tailing Ivey’s movements at the recent World Series of Poker event.

Ivey had a good tournament at WSOP, and the filming crew should have gotten access to some interesting footage during the weekend. Poker can be such an intense sport, especially at the elite level, so it will be interesting to see how players interact in between high stakes games.

Phil Ivey has always protested that he is innocent of these edge sorting charges. He believes that he had a good run at those casinos and won his millions fair and square. The casinos are not so sure. They are claiming to have evidence that will prove his guilt. This evidence will be properly presented at trial. It was rumored that Ivey would try and settle the lawsuit, but no such settlement has transpired.

Ivey’s baccarat winnings came in 2013, when he won $12 million at Crockfords Casino and $10 million at the Borgata Casino. One casino withheld the winnings, while the other filed a lawsuit against him. Ivey is now in a legal battle against them both. He hopes to reclaim all the winnings and clear his name.

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